General Immigration

Immigrating to Canada is an exciting opportunity and there are a few different ways to apply. Based on your individual circumstances, Lighthouse Law Group will evaluate your situation, consult with you and provide tailored recommendations as to which immigration program will work best for you and your family.

Immigration Categories:

Express Entry

Express Entry is a selection method for highly skilled foreigners with impeccable English language skills to immigrate to Canada.

Canadian Experience Class

If you have recently graduated from a Canadian institution of higher learning, the Canadian Experience Class is an excellent route to Canadian permanent residency, provided you have relevant Canadian work experience.

Provincial Nomination

One of Canada’s provinces or territories can nominate you to settle and work in that region.

4 Components of the Express Entry Program:

Business immigration for entrepreneurs

Utilize our network to help you to start a business in Canada.

Sponsoring your family

If you are a Canadian Permanent Resident or a Citizen, sponsoring your close family members is one way to re-unite with your family. Most individuals who try and fill out there own paperwork in this area; find out that their documents are usually returned. The assistance of skilled counsel will help complete your application properly and thus avoid potential delays.

Working in Canada

Every year, over 150,000 foreign workers enter Canada to work temporarily in jobs that help Canadian employers address skill shortages.

A work permit is required for most temporary jobs in Canada, however some jobs do not require a work permit. These foreign workers are called Temporary Foreign Workers.