Canada has a number of Mutual Assistance treaties a number of foreign countries, including the United State. If you are wanted in any of these countries for a criminal offence; ranging from murder to drug trafficking – the Canadian government is obligated to start extradition proceedings against you once it receives a request for your extradition. The penalty you could get if extradited to certain countries can be extremely severe.

It is critical that you work with a lawyer who is experienced, proactive and aggressive. Mr. Yusuf has a deep understanding of both the immigration and the criminal law aspects of extradition. His academic knowledge of International Law gained at the Graduate Level, combined with his knowledge of country conditions, will place you in secure and experienced hands. If you are facing extradition to any country, it’s paramount that you engage our services as soon as you receive word that you are wanted; so that we may act in a pro-active manner for you.